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Welcome to the genealogy research of The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society.

You can find information on a variety of family surnames including:
Adams, Agner, Allen, Anderson, Angell, Arff, Baer, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bates, Bedard, Bentley, Berry, Blood, Booth Peers, Boyer, Boylan, Bratton, Brisebois [Dubois dit Brisebois], Brew, Brown, Brush, Bryant, Buckler, Bush [Bus], Butler, Calvert, Campbell, Cannon, Canuel, Carline [Caroline – Smith], Carr, Carrico, Carlile, Chabot, Chenoweth, Clement [Clement dit Lariviere], Cochrane, Cormack, Cox, Daoust [D'Aoust], Davidson, Dean, Diceman [Deisman], Dorng, Dube, Durnell [Darnell –Darnall], Duncan, Edson [Eadson], Edwards, Eng [伍], Ferguson, Fields, Finucane, Fogel [Vogel], Forkner [Faulkner], Gauthier [Gauthier dit Saguingoria], Gibson, Given [Givens], Gleave, Goodbread, Graham, Grant, Hall, Hamilton, Harris, Harrison, Heath, Hedgecoe [Hitchcock], Henry, Henson, Hermenger [Arminger, Ammaringher], Holland, Hollingshead, Hopkins, Hulett, Hume, Hunter, Hutton, Indsley, Ireland, Jaensson, Jans, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Keffer, Kieffer, King, Kirkbright, Knight, Lalonde [Lalonde dit L'Esperance], Lahmer, Lambeth, Lancaster [Longster], Larson, Lawson, L'Ecuyer [Lecuyer – Lequyer, L'Ecuyer dit Lapierre], Lee, Lepard, Letendre dit Batoche, Lewis, Laveck [Levack], Line, Lyonnais dit Daunais [Daunnais – Delaunay – D'Lenois – Delonais – Doney – Donai – Lonais – Lyonais], MacDonald, MacGregor, Maillot [Maillot dit Laviolette, Mailhot] McDiarmaid, McGillen, McKenna, McLaren, McLaine, McLean, McMullen, Metz, Miller, Morris, Moynaugh, Mulholland, Murphy, Murray, Newby, Nice, Nickle, O'Brien [O'Bryan], Ogden, O'Brenan [Aubry, Aurry, Aubrenan, Aupri, Obry], O'Kane, O'Neill, Oster, Otterman, Page [Page dit Quercy], Paris, Pearson, Phillips, Platt, Plott, Pool [Poole], Prud'homme [Prudhomme], Quantz, Rehnberg, Ross, Ruby, Ryder [Rider], Sackville, Sappington, Scott, Siders, Singleton, Skaggs [Scaggs], Smith [Smithyman – Smithiman], Snider [Snyder], Stelfox, Stevens [Stephens], Stone, St. Vrain [De Hault De Lassus], Sutherland, Talbot, Taylor, Tillery, Thompson, Tobin, Valiquette [Valiquet dit Laverdure], Van der Durriens, Van der Laan, VanWinkle, Walker, Walters, Watson, Warder [Worder], Warren, Wilden, Wilkerson, Willson [Wilson], Wolf, Wolfenden, Wyatt, Yoast, Young [Youngs] and more.

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The Baker/Dorng Family
The Berry/Miller Family
The Eng/Page Family

The Hedgecoe/McKenna Family
The Lepard/McLean Family
The Keffer/Diceman Family


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