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Welcome to the genealogy research of The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society.

You can find information on a variety of family surnames including:
Adams, Agner, Allen, Baker, Barnett, Bates, Bedard, Bentley, Berry, Blood, Brisebois, Brew, Brown, Brush, Buckler, Bush, Butler, Calvert, Campbell, Canuel, Clement, Cochrane, Cox, Daoust, Daunais, Davidson, Dean, Delaunay, Diceman, Doney, Dorng, Dube, Durnell, Eng, Finucane, Gauthier, Given, Graham, Grant, Hamilton, Harris, Heath, Hedgecoe, Henry, Hitchcock, Hulett, Hume, Jones, Julian, Keffer, Knight, Lalonde, Larson, Lecuyer, Lee, Lepard, Letendre dit Batoche, Levack, Line, Lyonnais, McDiarmaid, McGillen, McKenna, McLaren, McLean, Metz, Miller, Morris, Moynaugh, Mulholland, Murphy, Murray, Nickle, O'Kane, O'Neill, Oster, Page, Pearson, Plott, Pool, Quantz, Rehnberg, Ross, Ruby, Ryder, Sappington, Scott, Siders, Skaggs, Smith, Snider, Stelfox, Stone, St. Vrain, Sutherland, Tillery, VanWinkle, Walker, Watson, Wyatt, Yoast, Youngs and more.

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The Baker/Dorng Family
The Berry/Miller Family
The Eng/Page Family

The Hedgecoe/McKenna Family
The Lepard/McLean Family
The Keffer/Diceman Family


Our most troubling trees and biggest mysteries! Please take a look at the brick walls and dead ends we've stumbled into. Family insight has been the biggest blessing in our research.

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